11 passengers narrowly survived the thick fog in the river

A boat with passengers overturned on another boat on the Chauhali-Enayetpur route of Sirajganj in Yamuna river amid thick fog. In this accident, 11 passengers of the boat narrowly escaped with their lives.

11 passengers narrowly survived the thick fog in the river

 (December 18) On Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m. Sikdar's boat left from Enayatpur Spur Dam area for Chauhali Upazila Sadar with half a hundred passengers.

It is known that the engine-driven shallow boat wandered around for about an hour and returned to the original place under the influence of thick fog. After leaving the boat again, the 11-passenger boat left from Santosha boat wharf for Khwaja Yunus Ali University wharf started moving in the river in the fog. Suddenly Sikdar's boat fell on the passenger boat.

At this time the boatman fell into the river. There were no major casualties as other passengers evacuated. Later the sailor swam to the boat. But panic sets in between the passengers of both the boats.

Abdus Chalam, a passenger in the boat, said that due to thick fog, the boat capsized due to an accident, but fortunately, all the passengers were rescued unharmed. But it is not right to take risk during fog. 

In this regard, OC Harun R. Rashid of Chauhali police station and OC Anisur Rahman of Enayetpur police station said that the direction and supervision of the administration is continuing to protect the safety and order of this important waterway of the Yamuna river. Besides, police station and naval police are regularly patrolling. However, he advised passengers and drivers to be more aware of the risk of boat trips in the fog.