Aindrila fell in love with who forgot Ankush?

Tollywood love birds Ankush Hazra and Aindrila Sen. They have been in a relationship for 10 years. Both have gone through the ups and downs of their early careers. Stayed next to each other.

Aindrila fell in love with who forgot Ankush?

While in love with Ankush, Aindrila was in love with someone else. Maybe the question is coming to mind: who fell in love with this actress?

The incident started a year ago. Both went to Maldives. The actress's corona report came positive while backing in Kolkata. Then they were forced to stay there for 23 days. And that time she fell in love with another person forgetting Ankush.

Actually not in love with any man. Aindrila fell in love with a cat. On those 23 days Aindrila fed a cat. And that time Aindrila did not care about Ankush at all. These things were told by the actress herself in the media.

Aindrila will be seen in 'Sajghar'. Apart from this, he will also be seen in the white and black web series of Z5. On the other hand, the actor's first web series 'Shikarpur' is about to release. Apart from this, he will be seen in his own produced movie 'Mirza'. Needless to say, they are currently busy with both of their jobs.