First women trainer training workshop held in Bangladesh

For the first time in Bangladesh, women transport trainers are being created to meet the shortage of trainers in the transport sector. This work has been undertaken by the company called Drivers Technical Company Limited Purbachal Dhaka.

First  women trainer training workshop held in Bangladesh

Initially, the organization has taken up the program of training 100 women trainers. In continuation of that, the first day of the 10-day training program was held on Friday under the excellent training of trainer Kazi Atahia. Women from various social organizations of the country participated in the event. These trainers will play an important role in preventing harassment of women in transport.


 Women will work as trainers in various technical institutions of the government, there is enough possibility of working as trainers in various big transport companies, women, this training will contribute enough to the development of women to make them self-reliant. The main objective of this training is to bring qualitative change in the transport sector. The second phase of the first day of the workshop was the entertainment phase of the trainees. In this, the trainees present their memoirs including reciting poetry, singing, telling stories.


In the closing ceremony of the third stage of the first day, apart from the students, trainer Kazi Atahia, additional secretary of the Ministry of Roads and Bridges of the Government of Bangladesh Nilima Akhtar, special guest Md. Anisur Rahman, Joint Secretary Road Transport and Highways Department, Shirin Akhtar Jahan, Superintendent of Police, Internal Affairs Unit, Bangladesh Police, Md. Noor Alam Founder Naisha Enterprises, Osman Ali General Secretary Bangladesh Road Transport Workers Federation, Women Director DTC Project Sonia Simran and other guests.


Chaired by Noor Nabi Shimu, Chairman of Drivers Technical Company Limited, the speakers highlighted the progress and development of women. The chief guest said in his speech that women are now working on an equal footing with men in everything; We want to see the neglected women population in our country in a better place, we want women to work with rights as well as men, so women should also contribute in the transport sector.



Shirin Akhter Jahan said, 'Women are constantly being harassed in transport. Although we enforce the law, due to the lack of awareness of the common people, the law is not being properly enforced. So more and more campaigns are needed among these people. There is no sector where women are not directly or indirectly involved. As children we read, give me an educated mother, I will give a better nation. The role of women in nation building is undeniable. The government has therefore encouraged women to advance in a sector which has been neglected so far.'


All the guests who came to the event say in one word, such a project should have been done earlier, even though it was late, Drivers Technical Company Limited has started the work, so thanks to them. And we will fully support women from our place in the successful implementation of this project. At the end, the ceremony was announced by cutting the cake prepared by the trainees