The number of visitors has decreased in the botanical garden

Once the busiest garden was the botanical garden of Mirpur in the capital. A piece of green in the midst of urban life, people flock to this park with their loved ones and families on various holidays. This favorite place of entertainment is losing its popularity day by day. The number of visitors has started to decrease. But why this situation happened, it is known to the visitors and authorities.

The number of visitors has decreased in the botanical garden

The National Botanical Garden is the largest center for conservation, research and display of plant species in Bangladesh. The garden was established in 1961 in Mirpur of the capital on an area of ​​about 208 acres. The government approved the master plan for the modernization of the park on July 7 last year, but no significant changes have been made so far. So it has an impact on the audience.

On Friday (October 14), the same picture was seen at the Botanical Garden. Although it was a holiday, the number of visitors in the park was low. Although the number of visitors increased slightly in the afternoon, it was not as expected, said a person in charge of ticket distribution.

He said some visitors came on Friday. Other days he does not come. As there is a zoo next to the park, visitors are more interested in going there.

It is known that due to the lack of civic facilities in this huge park, the crowd does not gather here as before. Due to lack of rest areas, lack of security guards, lack of public toilets, visitors do not visit this park.

Speaking to a visitor on Friday afternoon, he said, 'It is written in different places of the park, do not sit anywhere except the seating area. But there is no place to sit. Find out what is there. On top of that most of them are not fit to sit on.'

On the surface, there is also a dearth of public toilets in the park, not just seating. Those that are, need further repair. The surrounding environment is also not clean, which causes irritation to the visitors.

Some visitors expressed relief as they were not harassed by various hawkers or individuals inside the park as before. However, they have complaints about the tourist-friendly environment.

The park staff said that in the morning, local residents come for a walk, but in the afternoon, visitors from different places come to visit the park. Most of these visitors come from outside the capital. Came to visit Dhaka and came to Udyan by chance. Despite seeing different species of plants and quenching their thirst for travel in the beautiful fresh environment, there is a lot of unconsciousness among them.

It is found that the main reason is that they do not notice or understand the various awareness guidelines of the garden. Apart from this, the park authorities do not have enough manpower to enforce or warn the instructions.

Ansar members are in charge of round-the-clock security in the park. They opined that the number of members should be increased to maintain such a large garden.